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“Athlete’s First”
IAI makes the athlete its first priority and works to meet athlete’s interests.


IAI mission is to represent the best interests of its athletes with honest services provided by trusted and caring agent representatives.

IAI Believes:

  • There is a great opportunity for athletes to excel their highest potential into areas far greater than athletic events and we believe in raising the standard of excellence at every level

  • That athletes need honest and transparent athlete-centered services

  • Successful athletes should invest in their own communities

  • Education is the key to a better future, we encourage our young student athletes to continue with their education first before becoming pro athletes

  • In transforming the corrupt agent system and institutional practices

  • Athletes are our employer and we work to suit their best interests

  • In challenging each athlete to recognize their unique position and maximize long-term possibilities

  • The key to long-term successful career management begins with the establishment of close, personal relationships between our athlete representatives and our athletes and their families

  • In quality not quantity--the athletes always comes first, we want athletes to be proud of being part of IAI family.
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