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Refer an Athlete or an athlete representative

agent or a manager to us today! Get 5% of the second refereed athlete's prize money awards.

 Provide the following information on the contact form below
1. Athletes’ Full Name:
2. Date of Birth(DOB:
3. Passport Number
4. Nationality:
5. Requested Agent/manger(if any):
6. Email Address:
7. Address:
8: Home/Work Phone:
9. Cell Phone:
10: Athlete’s Personal Records (PB, PR): (3 events, eg. 5000m, 10,00m and half marathon)

(Example) Event: 5000M    Time: 13:01.44 Year, place& name of the race June 2012, Rome, Italy -Rome Diamond league


11: Number of years of training and competition:
Referring Agency/Individual:
Address of referring agency or individual:
Contact Person (Full Names):
Reason for Athlete Referral (list specific needs, if any):
Referral source/person will receive 5% of the second athletes prize money (after the athlete is being accepted to the agency.

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