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   Impact Athletics International (IAI) is a sports management programs operating under Train with Kenyan,LLC, which specializes in student athletes, elite athlete representation in world-class track and field, cross country and road racing events. IAI represents the highest caliber athletes on a global basis without discrimination based upon gender, ethnicity, religion and nationality. IAI athlete representatives are committed to impacting each athlete worldwide by providing honest, compassionate and transparent athlete-centered services which enable athletes to achieve their highest levels.

   IAI embodies the positive impact that trusted and caring agents can have in athletes’ personal lives and professional accomplishments.  IAI is a full service athlete-first management agency established in 2012. IAI consists of current and former athletes and coaches assisting other athletes worldwide. The IAI headquarters is located in Virginia, USA, and has various offices across the globe.

     Athlete referrals can be made to local IAI representatives in the athlete’s country. We are always looking for new athletes, coaches and agents to work with. IAI management and staff work as a team where each member plays a vital role to ensure that the IAI's professional services meets the needs of the athlete both on and off the track, trail and road. Some of the earnings from IAI benefit Grace of God Children's Project

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