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      IAI has formed alliances with some of the most knowledgeable financial experts worldwide. Therefore, we can offer entrepreneurial guidance and advice to help athletes find the best possible business opportunities designed specifically to fulfill their needs. This alliance, which the athlete may use completely at their discretion, provide athletes with access to professional, world-class financial services ranging from financial planning, investment management, financial administration, and taxation advice.

      IAI works with well known financial institutions and financial planning companies and individuals, all of whom are eminently qualified, connected and certified. The individuals, companies, and/or institutions that the athlete decides to work with will evaluate athlete’s financial needs and objectives.  Once those needs and objectives are determined, the athlete will receive advice to help develop a precise financial strategy. An emphasis is placed on balanced planning, long-term financial security, asset protection, and significant asset growth. Athlete can also request for a loan from IAI where needed to meet athletes needs including financial emergency.

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