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Recruiting independent athletes representatives from all over the world

            We make sure that we recruit high-integrity and caring independent athletes representatives to meet our growing demand of services. Our agency is expanding rapidly, we are looking for independent athlete representatives who are committed to compassionately impacting every athlete worldwide by providing honest and transparent athlete-centered support that helps athlete achieve their professional goals. We would like to partners with other independent athlete representatives. Our athletes representatives should meet our criteria of being a current or former athlete.


IAI Agent’s Requirements and Commitments:

 An IAI Agent shall have the following responsibilities arising from his/her relationship with IAI: 
  •  An Agent must be a former athlete. Any exception to this requirement must first be approved by   IAI and is on a case to case basis
  • Be an individual (and not a company);
  • Have proper experience in Athletics( curent/former athlete);
  • Have integrity and good reputation;
  • Demonstrate sufficient education and knowledge of the activity of Athlete Representative’s; and
  • Not have been convicted of a criminal offence or anti-doping rule violation or have
  • Not been declared bankrupt. 
  •  An Agent must always put the athlete first
  • An Agent must comply with all Rules and Regulations of IAI, IAAF and the athlete’s National Athletics Federation
  • An Agent must be willing to undergo background check prior to becoming an IAI agent( background is highly required)
  •  An Agent must have good morals and values and be a good role model to the athletes
  • Agrees to pay 5% commission to IAI(some money goes towards helping Grace of God children's project from all the earnings from the athletes they represent through IAI
  • IAI may negotiate athletes’ contracts on behalf of the Agent if needed
  • IAI provides all the relevant application forms to Agents for use in recruiting and contract
  • An Agent may edit some parts of the athlete contract provided by IAI to suit their needs. Any changes must first be approved by IAI on a writen agreement
  • Upon approval each Agent must have an online account with IAI
  • IAI can assist an Agent with paperwork such as travel when necessary
  • In some occasions IAI will assist an Agent with visa application process if needed
  •  Each Agent is responsible for recruiting his / her own athletes. Each athlete must meet the requirements and standards set forth by IAI. David Cheromei is the principle AR to clear or request athlete to release from the athlete's federation. David Cheromei should be aware of all  new athletes added to IAI
  • IAI offers consulting services to an Agent who require such help 
  •  An IAI Agent cannot charge an athlete more than 30% commission on the athlete’s earnings
  •  An Agent must be willing to retain at least $2000 with their IAI account as a security deposit
  • If you are interested, request for an application now through
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